The Psychology of Healthy Eating for children; providing 1-1 consultations, helping Fussy Eaters (or Picky Eaters), as well as group talks & workshops on Healthy Eating.

Do you know:

  • Lifelong eating habits are established in childhood eg research shows that the strongest predictor of the number of foods liked at age 8 is the number of foods liked at age 4.  
  • Eating right is a concrete skill, that kids need to learn like learning good manners, which takes time.
  • Research shows that young children don’t have stable food preferences; they are still exploring, and they probably don’t even know all that they like yet
  • You can shape your kids’ food preferences; and feeding your kids only their preferences reinforces them.
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food manufacturers spend billions advertising unhealthy food to kids worldwide

As a Children's Healthy Eating Specialist, I'll advise you on healthy eating for children. Specifically I'll provide you with knowledge and practical specifics:

  • Recommending healthier products and brands (and where to get them)
  • Lots of tips to save time, shop and cook more efficiently 
  • Tried and tested, kid-friendly recipes from my test kitchen
  • Proven step-by-step strategies for how to start introducing new foods 
  • Clear and realistic (research-based) solutions for dealing with a Picky Eater or Fussy Eater.
Some of the reasons parents contact me are
To simplify nutrition and feeding for children & the whole family
To make quick swaps e.g., lower sugar treats
Practical tools e.g., how to increase vegetables for children's lunches, snacks etc 
Help for their fussy or picky eater

How I Work

  • I empower parents to help children (and the entire family) eat more healthy
  • I offer practical ways to get your children on board
  • I use a straightforward, road-map to structure what your children eat
  • I recommend a specific plan for how to neutralize desserts and / treats
  • I apply a successful (evidence-based) approach for teaching your children how  to eat right ie avoiding common pitfalls eg the “One-Bite” Rule
  • I meet parents where they are, providing key tips for success for your child’s individual eating habits and personality


“I wasn’t sure about coming to Colette for my ‘fussy’ Kate to be honest. But its been so worthwhile as Colette was so positive about making small, gradual changes to Kate’s diet and building on what she liked and disliked.” 
“When I consulted with Colette I got useful, realistic ideas about what she does with her kids and family, and this has truly inspired me to start feeding my own family better.” 
“Consulting with a healthy eating specialist like Colette has helped me sort through the tons of conflicting information on the internet to know what is the right food for me to feed my children” 

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Children's healthy eating & nutrition consultations are held at my office in Galway City or by Skype

Why put off what you can start today? 

Don’t wait for a crisis to start making positive changes


colette reynolds

BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), Member of AHPI, BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), IINH Certified

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