cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

Where to source healthy food for children (including online)

Parents often ask me where I get some of the food and brands I recommend. Of course supermarkets have lots of healthy options for children these days but they don't have the full range of better quality foods available. Therefore a health food store is always a good place to get these foods that may not be available elsewhere.

I like to suggest Evergreen as I use it myself for my own family and for samples for work etc.  

Evergreen is a local company to Galway having 7 stores in various locations across the city, such as Eyre Square Centre (pictured below),  see

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While there are many health food stores online, Evergreen is an Irish company. More so I like it because it has such a large variety of different foods in the one place, selling over 5,000 different products. For example, it has one of the largest selections of gluten free and dairy free foods available online. If this ‘one stop shop’ doesn’t stock what you’re looking for, you can let them know and they will try to source the product for you and add it online.

In addition if you order €30 or more, then delivery is free to any part of Ireland. For added convenience you can receive a 1 hour predicted window for your delivery as well as customer collection points on Saturdays. Deliveries are dispatched within 1- 2 working days after receiving your order.

See Evergreen’s extensive selection of breakfast cereals (nearly 100), many ready to eat and many lower sugar than comparable cereals:

Please note that the above are my own personal opinions and I did not receive any gain from Evergreen for writing the above content.

The above information is general only and does not apply to everyone. If you’re looking for personalised, healthy eating support and advice for your child, why not consider booking a consultation with me? Email me at
Expert help is available in Galway City or by Skype (throughout Ireland)

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