cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

Testimonials for 1-1 Consultations 

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We are delighted with the success we have had with Colette’s Fussy Eater program for our 3 year old, who started as a very fussy eater, generally eating only dry foods, no meat or veg. He is now eating healthy dinners every day including meat, veg, pasta, rice. We didn’t believe it was possible, but after 1:1 planning with Colette and lots of persistence we are seeing the benefit. Mairead, Galway.
Based on Colette’s advice I started making small, straightforward changes immediately with my preschooler. I couldn’t believe the way my daughter's diet changed so much.  She is now not only willing to try foods, but eats lots of different foods. She was particularly poor at eating all vegetables before; but now regularly eats a wide variety of vegetables like peas, sweet corn, carrots and even cauliflower and broccoli. I didn’t think this was possible after all the times I presented vegetables before, but with no success.  Kate, Clare.
Makers of popular junk foods have an obligation to stockholders to maximize profits so they need you to eat more and more of their products
I was concentrating so much on trying to get my kids to eat their food; I was forgetting what was in their diet. So having the 1-1 time with Colette was just brilliant. Colette has empowered me so much with feeding my 4 kids, who are all at different stages; as well as feeding myself and my husband well. Clare, Dublin.
I’ve known for a long time that dairy just doesn’t agree with my son but I struggled with what to give him instead. Colette recommended specific products and best of all, I tried samples of them before I bought them. Sinead, Galway.

Testimonials for Group Talks

Colette from Growing Healthy Eaters gave a very interesting lunch time talk to staff on ‘VARIETY OF LUNCHES FOR CHILDREN’ and provided some great and innovative ideas on ways to entice children to eat a variety of different foods.  Feedback from staff following Colette’s talk was very positive. 
Galway City Council for their 'Lunch & Learn Series'

The 6 workshops provided by Colette over the duration of two mornings were very interesting and informative. She was an excellent presenter. 

Part of their Employee Health & Well being activities for the Marine Institute in Galway and Mayo.


We all lead such busy lives and I found Colette's recommendations for specific breakfasts, especially the healthier cereals; and where to get them just brilliant. 

Great presentation, very informative. Really enjoyed all the samples to taste.


Excellent talk and very relevant to products available in our local supermarket.


Very interesting workshop. Gave me lots of ideas for better, healthier snacks.

 I’ve always struggled with what to provide for the kids school lunches. I got a great variety of fab ideas and recipes from Colette's workshop and many of them are simple, and quick.
Expert help is available in Galway City or by Skype (throughout Ireland)

Why put off what you can start today? 

Don’t wait for a crisis to start making positive changes


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BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), Member of AHPI, BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), IINH Certified

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