cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

Children's healthy eating doesn't have to be a struggle and stressful, yet many parents worry about what their children eat and don't eat and are unsure how best to handle their children’s challenging eating behaviours.

Growing Healthy Eaters are here to help; based in Galway and available throughout Ireland (online or by phone); offering practical and research-based advice, strategies and tools. This ensures parents gain the understanding, confidence and specific know-how for children to eat and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods and develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Growing Healthy Eaters provides one-to-one personalised parent support, including for fussy eaters; as well as working with companies and parent groups delivering healthy eating talks.



Thank you Colette, I thought I would have to make huge changes to our diets, and also that it would be complicated. But not so with Colette. She suggested straightforward changes that I would never have thought of, but when she suggested them they really clicked with me. I have already booked in a follow up consultation  Dee, Galway.
I  had a one to one with Colette and I learnt so much, as it was so tailored to what exactly I needed.  I have so often spent €20 or €30 on new cookbooks, but for just one hour, it was fantastic value for money. Mary, Sligo
My daughter can get quite upset sometimes when I serve something a bit ‘different’ or new for dinner. Colette suggested some great, practical ways of preventing this happening like making the dinner less overwhelming and how best to engage her in the process. We also discussed the best things to say like 'Our likes change lots as we grow up e.g. remember when you used to like to watch Peppa Pig and you don’t like it anymore'. These suggestions were all easy to implement and despite my uncertainty, they did work so now everyone is much more relaxed at dinner time. Val, Dublin.

 Dr. Colette Reynolds

Nutrition & Childs Healthy Eating Coach

BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), Member of UK Health Coaches Association, IINH Certified

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