Family Nutritionist,
Expert on Feeding Fussy Eaters 


Dr. Colette Reynolds (PhD) is a Psychologist Mom and Family Nutritionist, providing expert help for Feeding Fussy Eaters.

She founded Growing Healthy Eaters, to empower parents with feeding Fussy Eaters and how to Avoid Picky Eating. She’s also a mum to 2 young boys, based in Galway, on the west of Ireland. 

Dr. Colette’s education includes:

✅ Doctorate in Health Promotion

✅ Masters in Health Psychology

✅ Degree in Psychology

✅ Nutrition and Health Coaching

✅ Food Parenting

✅ Food Refusal and AFRID

Dr. Colette’s work experience includes:

✅ Since 2017 has been empowering parents and staff that work with children, with feeding fussy eaters.

✅ 10 years working as a 1-1 coach with adults with disabilities      

✅ Health Education Advisor with the Irish Cancer Society

✅ Lecturer in Psychology and Health Promotion

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