Children's Nutritionist &
Nutritionist For Picky Eaters 


Dr. Colette Reynolds (PhD) is Children’s Nutritionist & Nutritionist For Picky Eaters.

She founded Growing Healthy Eaters to provide Fussy Eating Strategies and expert advice on How to Avoid Picky Eaters. She’s also a mum to 2 young boys, based in the west of Ireland 

Dr. Colette’s education includes:

✅ Doctorate in Health Promotion

✅ Masters in Health Psychology

✅ Degree in Psychology

✅ Nutrition and Health Coaching

✅ Food Parenting

Dr. Colette’s work experience includes:

✅ 10 years working as a 1-1 coach with adults with disabilities      

✅ Health Education Advisor with the Irish Cancer Society

✅ Lecturer in Psychology and Health Promotion

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