1-1 Child Nutritionist Support

Many parents (and caregivers) have questions or concerns
about how to feed their baby, toddler or child,
or deal with the challenges of feeding their little ones.

What I do

Using my extensive psychology background, I focus on what we as parents and caregivers can do to create lifelong healthy eating habits for our children.

Do you have questions or concerns
about feeding your baby, toddler or child;
or how they eat?

Would you like:
Straightforward, practical, positive strategies
you can start implementing straight away;
starting with how your child(ren) eat at the moment

Child Nutritionist Support
to grow your own Happy, Healthy Eaters

Imagine after the Healthy Eating Power Hour, you will have

SaraMum of 2.5 year old & new born baby
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I was aware of some of the 'little habits’ we have got into with my little boy such as drinking lots of milk but I was unsure what to do about them. Others did advise me but I found their advice too difficult to follow such as cutting out all snacks. I found Colette on the other hand had a very helpful approach.
Marie Mum of 2 aged 18 months and 3 years old
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Our boy weaned really well & used to eat everything; but every day for the last few months it has felt like a backward step & meals are very stressful. We’ve tried different tactics but nothing seemed to work. After the first session alone, the changes Colette recommended have been transformational.
Joe Dad of 2 ½ year old
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Thankfully I am not worried about my toddler’s eating habits anymore , thanks to you Colette. My son would previously have just picked the rice or mash from the dinner and left the rest or spitted out the parts he didn’t like. We had started using our phone to help distract him at mealtimes as we could have spent 45 minutes trying to get him to eat something. After the first few weeks working with Colette, my toddler was more engaged at meal times , and so much happier sitting with us, without the tantrums . There was such a big improvement in his eating I didn’t find the process as daunting as what I thought it would be, as Colette broke it down into small steps, which all made perfect sense.
Maggie Mum of 7 & 9 year olds
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My daughter can get quite upset sometimes when I serve food a bit ‘different’ or new for dinner.
Colette suggested some great, practical ways of preventing this happening like making the dinner less overwhelming and how best to engage her and the best things to say.
These suggestions were all easy to implement so now everyone is much more relaxed at dinner time.
BridMum of 4
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I'm a Mum of 4 kids and came to Colette looking for expert help for 2 of my kids.
I found Colette's help great and even in the first 2 sessions I got a lot of the help I needed to ensure my kids are eating much better, especially at meal times.
Deirdre Mum of 5 and 7 year olds
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Thank you Colette, I thought I would have to make huge changes to our diets, and also that it would be complicated. But not so.
Colette suggested as straightforward changes, that I would never have thought of, but when she suggested them they really clicked with me.
LilyMum of 22 month old
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I have a boy that was starting to get very fussy recently. Despite him being less than 2, I felt his eating was getting worse week by week and it was definitely going backwards so I wanted to nip it in the bud. He is getting on very well eating now and eats different dinners such as chicken curry, casserole and even some fish pie!
Niall & Partner
Niall & Partner Parents of 3 year old & expecting baby
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We found it was great to get personalised help for our girl from Colette; as most of the information we read was very general and not very helpful. We eat well ourselves but that wasn’t enough to help our daughter.
John & Mary
John & MaryParents of 2 year old
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We contacted Colette as our little man, who is just gone 2, was having a lot of problems with textures of food, especially anything that wasn’t pureed or mashed.
Thank you so much for your time and listening during our sessions, as well as your advice;
it was definitely the most helpful of everyone we have met.

How does it work?

What do you get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some parents contact me and would like a little personalised support, for example, with a specific problem such as allergies and intolerances.

Over the last number of years working with me, many parents have reported that a small number of changes can make a huge difference.

I now empower parents every week to transform their children eating and create lifelong healthy eating habits for babies, toddlers and children.

Most of the work I get asked to do is to help parents successfully reverse fussy eating.

But I also want to help  prevent these problems developing in the first place so I also offer expert advice to prevent fussy eating and ensure it does not become a long-term habit. 

I’m Dr Colette Reynolds, a Mum of 2 young boys, based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

I have an extensive training in Psychology and Health Promotion(up to PhD), as well as Nutrition Coaching and Food Parenting. I have previously worked with the Irish Cancer Society and lectured in Public Health and Psychology.

There is lots of information freely available to help us feed our children better; but some of this is conflicting, some is not evidence-based, and some is very general.

Unfortunately healthy eating doesn’t happen automatically for lots of little ones.

That’s why its great to be proactive to ensure your little ones are happy, healthy eaters; rather than leaving it to chance

Or the earlier you start, the easier and quicker it is to grow happy, healthy eaters,

so it’s a great idea to seek  a little expert help

rather than hoping your child’s eating will improve by itself.

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