cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

Simple, quick fruit & vegetable snack recipe (dairy free, gluten free)

Here is a different way of presenting fruit and vegetables, that's very quick to assemble once you have all the ingredients, perfect for an after school snack. Its called 'ants on a log' but of course you may prefer to call it something else in your house.  

It basically comprises of 3 layers: a base like apple slices, a middle layer like cream cheese and a topping like chopped nuts. With this snack each child can pick their own 'unique creation' or you can make different variations at different times (depending on what you have available) or adapt it easily to different requirements (eg dairy free or gluten free). 

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Carrot sticks

Celery sticks

Peppers sliced (can use orange, red or green)

Slices of apple, or firm fruit like pear (can be dipped in orange or apple juice to avoid browning)

Mangetout/sugar snaps etc


Middle Layer

Cream cheese (including dairy free options)

Nut butter (including the Happy Pear's Nuts about Choc)

Hummus (can use different flavours)

Plain greek yoghurt etc



Dark chocolate shavings (including flavoured dark chocolate- including dairy free)

Any seeds eg sunflower seeds (can be toasted)

Any dried fruit (look for pure fruit like Urban Fruit)

Any nuts eg  chopped nuts or pine nuts (can be toasted)

Any  fresh fruit (can be chopped if large)

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