Corporate Workshops

Dr. Colette delivers interactive and engaging Healthy Eating Workshops to workplaces, onsite or online.

She also delivers training to groups of staff working with children such as primary school teachers. Previous clients include paediatric dental services and student nutritionists, such as with the IINH (Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health).

Workshops are tailored to meet the requirements of your company e,g., as a single event or series of events. 

Workshops can be delivered for all your staff or focused on parents and families.

Popular topics include:

    Stress Free Family Meals: Straightforward strategies to help establish good eating habits for the whole family.

    Healthy Eating Habits for the whole Family including dealing with common scenarios such as how to avoid constant snacking.  

Colette’s knowledge about healthy eating will change the way you think about feeding your children and make it easier for you as a parent to make decisions about food.
I would highly recommend attending one of Colette’s workshops.
I felt very positive and empowered after her talk.
Thank you Colette for your presentation. The content was so practical and realistic to implement.
Colette gave a very informative talk, full of hints and tips for busy parents to cope with fussy little eaters!
Anonymous feedback from workshop attendees