cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway


How common are challenges with children’s’ eating?

Most babies are in the’ honeymoon’ phase of eating, where they usually eat whatever foods are presented. Things can change quickly for many children, starting with toddlers. Estimates vary as to the extent of fussy eating, for example, with estimates that 50% of all children go through at least one lengthy stage of selective or fussy eating. 

Are these behaviours not just a phase?  

For some children behaviours such as not eating certain foods is indeed just a phase. Yet, many children  don’t grow out of these habits. Estimates are that about 1 in 3 of typically developing kids don’t grow out of fussy eating, but this may underestimate the true figure.   

Why should I get help for my child(ren)? If your child is: 

  • Eating an unbalanced diet, such as  little or no vegetables.  
  • Having a limited range of foods that they usually eat; or if it is declining over time.  
  • Have strong likes or dislikes for foods such as certain textures or foods not touching.  
  • Hesitant to try certain foods, and only wanting to eat more familiar foods.  

What benefits can I expect ?

  • The foundation will be in place for your child to eat and enjoy more nutritious foods, including vegetables.    
  • Your child will start to enjoy a wider variety of foods. 
  • More positive mealtimes, with less stress.  
  • Benefits  will continue after the consultations end including developing a  healthy relationship with food, such as having a balanced approach to sweets and treats.  

Is there a lot of work?  

The good news is I focus on foods that you and the rest of your family normally eat rather than making new or different foods specially for your child  or trying to make to  find  the  ‘perfect  food’ that you hope will always be eaten.  I usually recommend 3-4 straightforward changes per consultation so that we are gradually making changes, with each consultation building on the progress made to date.

I have tried lots of different things with my child, why is your approach different?  

If you’ve tried different ways of feeding your child(ren) and they haven't really worked, it might mean you haven’t found the right way…yet.  I use a different approach to transform how your child thinks and feels about food using my background in psychology and health promotion.     

Can you definitely help my child?  

The good news is that I can help the vast majority of children improve their eating.  

Yet the longer habits continue, the more challenging it can be to change  as habits become more established. Therefore the earlier you seek help, the easier and quicker the process is.  

 I start with what your child is eating at the moment, whatever that is.   

My child is growing fine so should I still get help? 

It is possible to get by even on even very restricted diets without any obvious health issues, but I find many children end up developing  less than optimum health particularly, poor immunity or constipation.

If you’re still unsure about getting help, it might help to answer the following:Would you like to improve your child’s eating now?  


I would recommend to get in contact and start with one consultation, and then you can decide if this support is right for you and your family. 



 Dr. Colette 

Childs Healthy Eating Coach

BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), Member of Association for Health Promotion Ireland, Member of UK Health Coaches Association, IINH Certified

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