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    Having raised 3 children and advised families over the years in practice, I know how difficult it can be when you know what is good for children and you provide it but your children just won't play ball and you end up desperate to get anything into them. Working with Colette is a wonderful opportunity to reset the happy meals buttons for parents and children.
    Dr Clare Dilis
    I would highly recommend Colette's down to earth and practical advice which gives parents the tools to create healthy eating habits. It's so important to give children of all ages a good start in life and that includes a healthy diet.
    Anne Daly
    ‘I found the videos excellent with lots of brilliant info and good examples. While the course is aimed at parents of young children with great content on starting weaning, even for a Mom of older kids like myself I found lots of practical info such as the Balanced Plate which reminded me to have more variety with my older guy!!. I would definitely recommend this course (Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early) if you are looking at finding out more info about how to grow your own happy healthy eaters.
    Orla Dorgan
    Practice Nurse, Lactation Consultant & Mum of 3

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