HOW to Grow Healthy Happy Eaters

                                               Feeding children a number of times every day can be 

                                                    tricky, frustrating or challenging for so many of us,                                                                                                                                                   including myself with my two boys

Do you have

  • Little one that’s starting to get fussy and you want to avoid it getting worse?
  • Toddler /child that’s snacking too much
  • Stressful mealtimes with children, who are very particular about their food?
  • Toddler /child with a limited diet, due to as reflux, allergies etc?
  • Concerns about your child’s weight (underweight or overweight)?
  • Worries about your child’s unbalanced diet, including little or no veggies?
  • Toddler /child that has a very sweet tooth?

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Imagine if your little one(s):

  • Eat a balanced diet, and not just lots and lots of carbohydrates
  • Are flexible eaters, trying a wide variety of foods?
  • Eat lots of nutritious foods including some proteins, fruits & vegetables
  • Don’t snack too much
  • Eat mostly the same foods as the rest of the family.
  • Has a more balanced approach to sugar?

Who is Growing Healthy Eaters for?

If you are a parent who has toddlers to 12-year-olds

And would like expert help to

  • Ensure your kids have a more positive relationship with food
  • Establish lifelong healthy eating habits for your kids
  • Develop Intuitive Eaters.
  •  Reverse picky eating

I can help you with HOW to grow healthy, happy eaters; including HOW to reverse fussy eating

I do this in 3 main ways:

  1. Personalised Consultations
  2. Online group program
  3. Short DIY online courses

You can pay as you go with consultations, book a Personalised package (starting with just 3 consultations) or  join  a small group of other parents online

My online courses include

  • How to Start Reversing Fussy Eating
  • How To Reduce Frequent Snacking
  • Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early

Why not contact me today to get expert help that has


Straightforward, practical, positive strategies

you can start implementing straight away with your child(ren)’s eating,

such as creating positive mealtimes,

regardless of where their starting point is.

Feedback From Other Parents

Often there’s an ongoing struggle to get healthy foods into children.

Colette is the most effective health professional I know specialising in this challenging area.

Her expertise is proving a godsend to many stressed-out mums and dads; providing the behavioural insights parents need to achieve breakthroughs and go on to make real progress.

Richard Burton, CEO, Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health

I would highly recommend Colette’s down to earth and practical advice which gives parents the tools to create healthy eating habits.

It’s so important to give children of all ages a good start in life and that includes a healthy diet.

Anne Daly, Nutritional Therapist

I was aware of some of the ‘little habits’ we have got into with my little boy such as drinking lots of milk, but I was unsure what to do about them.

Others did advise me, but I found their advice too difficult to follow such as cutting out all snacks.

I found Colette on the other hand had a very helpful approach.

Sara, Mum of 2.5-year-old & new born baby

One of the best things I ever did for my boys was getting help from Growing Healthy Eaters

Mum of 2, aged 18 months and 3

If you are unsure what exactly to say or what is best to do
or if you are concerned or stressed about your child(ren)s eating.


More info

About me

I’m Dr Colette Reynolds, a Mum of 2 young boys, based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

I hear stories all the time from parents about the huge toll of poor eating on their children, including siblings and themselves. Some parents tell me they can’t sleep at night as they’re so worried about their child’s eating. Other parents are very concerned that other siblings will follow the fussy child’s habits, which unfortunately often happens.

I want to help to prevent these problems escalating to a point where some parents tell me they feel their child’s eating is hopeless.

What I do

I now empower parents every week to transform their childrens’ eating and create lifelong healthy eating habits for babies, toddlers and children since 2017.


  A small number of changes can make a huge difference to reverse poor eating habits.


  The earlier you start,  the easier and quicker it is to grow your own happy, healthy eaters.

My background

I have extensive training in Psychology and Health Promotion (up to PhD), as well as Nutrition Coaching and Food Parenting.

Did you know

For many children, fussy eating can quite easily and sometimes quickly develop into a long-term habit, often without parents even realising it.

This is despite

  • Your best-efforts including offering vegetables repeatedly

  • Your child(ren) may have eaten well when they were younger, especially as babies and younger toddlers (I often see this)

  • You as parents or the rest of the family eat well (I usually see this)

Unfortunately for a significant number of children, their eating doesn’t improve by itself.

In addition, their eating often gets worse over time because if we eat the same foods very often, we are likely to get tired of them and want to stop eating them altogether. So, children often move to eating less and less variety of food over time.

Why I recommend you prioritise growing your own happy, healthy eaters now

Unfortunately, healthy eating doesn’t happen automatically for lots of little ones. While there is often a honeymoon phase for babies where they usually eat what’s offered, this can change dramatically as a toddler or child.

Don’t wait

That’s why it’s great to get a little expert help

rather than hoping your child’s eating will improve by itself or

waiting and your child’s eating possibly gets worse (I often see this)


Particularly if your child(ren) are poor eaters and their eating is not improving for the last 6 months

Do you want to grow happy healthy eaters?

And move away from fussy eating children?

Would you like your children to eat like the rest of the family?

Then why not book a free call to tell me more about the challenges you have

And how I can support you to move beyond fussy eating


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