Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early

Many parents (and caregivers) have questions about how to feed babies, toddlers or children,  from how to start  a baby on solids to dealing with the challenges of feeding toddlers and young children.


Using my extensive psychology background, I focus on what we as parents (and caregivers) can do to create lifelong healthy eating habits for our children, regardless of where their starting point is.


How to Create Healthy Eating Habits for Babies & Beyond


Take this online course to fast-track the best way to start your baby’s food journey and ensure they grow into happy, healthy eaters.


Do you have a baby and would you like to:

  • Know more about how exactly to start offering solids

  • Ensure good eating habits are established from the start, to prevent problems with eating later such as fussy eating in toddlers.

  • Understand more about why it’s so important to take a long-term approach to our baby’s eating.

Imagine after completion of Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early you will..

Have a greater understanding of how best to feed your baby, starting with how to wean and when to wean.
Be more confident dealing with little ones learning to eat, including different textures and avoiding choking.

Have the skills to foster a healthy relationship with food in your little ones, so they can be more intuitive eaters; including responsive feeding and responsive serving.

Who Is this Online Course for​?

This is for you if

  • You are interested in creating lifelong healthy eating habits for your baby and beyond.

  • You would like to fastrack growing your own happy, healthy eaters

  • You would like to learn how to grow your own happy, healthy eaters

  • You would like to be proactive to prevent poor eating habits that may arise such as fussy eating in toddlers.

This is not for you if

  • You feel confident in feeding your baby now

  • You feel confident in feeding your little one(s) in the future

Course Details

Online course to Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early

This online course covers  many different areas such as:


  • How to Wean and How To Avoid Picky Eating
  • It takes a systematic approach by offering straightforward, practical actions in a positive way to help create lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • The course is delivered in bite sized pieces, with 16 videos of a few minutes duration each, with each video covering  a different topic.
  • It is self-paced, with lifetime access so you can access any video at any time in the future, as new challenges arise.



What's Inside The Course?


Introduction to Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early

Growing foods

Learn about:

● How to talk to our children about different foods
● How to explain about growing foods

Balanced plate

Learn about:

● How to avoid children filling up at meal times with their favourites
● What a balanced plate looks like

Starting weaning

Learn about:

● Different approaches to weaning, what is recommended & why
● How exactly to start offering solids

Responsive feeding & serving

Learn about:

● What is responsive feeding and responsive serving
● Why these are so important

Pressure to eat

Learn about:

● The various ways pressure to eat can happen
● The negative effects of applying pressure

Children’s appetites

Learn about:

● Childrens’ appetites
● What happens with children who are fussy or have poor appetites

Learning to eat

Learn about:

● What often happens when children don’t learn about foods
● How to help children learn about a variety of foods


Learn about:

● Whether we should hide vegetables
● Reasons why children prefer to eat certain textures


Learn about:

● Reasons why a child’s range of foods may decrease
● A useful aid to offer varied fruits and vegetables

Frequent snacking

Learn about:

● Common effects of frequent snacking
●Strategies to avoid frequent snacking

Family meals

Learn about:

● Key elements of family meals & strategies to help
● A key message about favourite foods

Eating like the rest of the family

Learn about:

● Strategies to help children eat like the rest of the family

Children involved with food

Learn about:

● Getting children involved with food
● How to help children have control over their eating

Hands on exposure

Learn about:

● Hands on exposure with food
● What often happens when children don’t have this exposure


Learn about:

● Some reasons why children reject certain foods
● What to keep in mind to grow happy, healthy eaters

When you join...

You will get access to:

10 Bonus Handouts and 4 Bonus Worksheets including
How to Help Prevent Food Allergies (latest guidelines on introducing allergens)
Your role and your little one’s role in feeding
How to create Balanced Meals for children
Preventing Choking and foods to avoid for your baby.

Why I recommend you to prioritise this course now

  • Do you know that research has shown that the first year of life is a unique window of opportunity for a baby’s food journey, including setting their food preferences?
  • Unfortunately healthy eating doesn’t always continue for lots of little ones. While there is often a honeymoon phase for babies where they usually eat what’s offered, this can change dramatically in toddlerhood. These changes can often negatively affect their eating such as toddlers being very wary of some foods and refusing to even try them.
  • I feel it’s best to establish lifelong healthy eating habits in your baby’s first year of life before toddlerhood begins; rather than leaving it to chance or hoping it will happen by itself.

Why Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early course

This course contains straightforward, practical, positive strategies you can start implementing straight away with your baby, into toddlerhood and beyond.

All the content of this course is based on the last number of years I have spent empowering parents on a 1-1 basis, to create healthy eating habits in little ones from 7 months old.

Online course to Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early

Feedback From Other Parents

Are you ready?

To get instant access now and watch all 16 videos, each of a few minutes duration, each covering a different topic to help ensure your baby and toddler grows into happy, healthy eaters.


I hear stories all the time from parents about the terrible effects of fussy eating. Some parents tell me they can’t sleep at night as they’re so worried about their child’s eating. Other parents tell me the situation has escalated to a point where they feel their child’s eating is hopeless.


I want to help you to prevent these problems developing from the outset, starting with babies initial food journey and continuing good eating habits into toddlerhood.

The course is designed specifically for busy parents like you and me so its consists of 16 videos, of a few minutes duration each. I remember well having small babies and the effects of so much lack of sleep!


The course is self-paced, so you can watch whatever videos you want, and you can watch some now and some later.

The course comes with lifetime access so you can watch videos at any time in the future, as new challenges arise.

This course has been developed by Dr Colette Reynolds (PhD) who works with parents of babies from 7 months old since 2017. She works with many parents of toddlers and children to successfully reverse fussy eating and create lifelong healthy eating habits.

Colette has extensive training in Psychology and Health Promotion, as well as Nutrition Coaching and Food Parenting. She has previously worked with the Irish Cancer Society and lectured in Public Health and Psychology.

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