Healthy Eater Packages

Healthy Eating Packages

What often starts out as fussy eating habits in toddlers can quite easily and sometimes quickly develop into a more long-term habit, often without parents even realising it.


Do you find the following with your child(ren):

  • They ‘re eating an unbalanced diet, usually with lots of carbohydrates?
  • Their variety of foods is small, with little or no vegetables?
  • They are hesitant to try certain foods, such as soft textures?
  • They snack frequently and want to eat more snacks than meals?
I felt I tried everything before meeting Colette such as repeatedly offering the same foods after reading lots but there was still no significant improvement in my boy’s eating. Working with Colette we made definite progress and he started to enjoy lots more foods; including homemade pizza, which he never ate before.

Dolores, Mum of 5 year old

Having a fussy eater is challenging, frustrating and stressful; but Growing Healthy Eaters are here to help, providing Professional Help for Fussy Eaters. Is it time to:

  • Get your child on board?
  • Start introducing variety?
  • Find out how to offer new foods?
  • Understand more about psychology of fussy eaters? 
Our boy weaned really well & used to eat everything; but every day for the last few months it has felt like a backward step & meals are very stressful. We’ve tried different tactics but nothing seemed to work. After the first session alone, the changes Colette recommended have been transformational.

Marie, Mum of 2 & 1/2 year old

Do you want:

  • Personalised support over a number of months for your child’s eating habits to reverse picky eating?
  • Expert advice that you can start implementing straight away in a positive way, that is tailored to suit your family?  
  • Step-by-step, straightforward and practical help, starting with your child’s current eating habits?

How does it work?

  • Your child will start to eat and enjoy a wider variety of foods.
  • More positive mealtimes, with less stress
  • The foundation will be in place for lifelong healthy eating habits, including children eating like the rest of the family
Within a short time, my little man’s eating improved and he is now eating a lot more variety. Dinner time isn't so much a struggle anymore and there's a lot less stress for everyone. Before this we felt we had to give him his food before we went anywhere! I’m so glad that I contacted Colette, rather than leaving it.

Ruth, Mum of 22 month old

Whats included?

There are 3 Healthy Eating Packages available, varying in duration

3 Consultation Package

Over 9 weeks

The minimum number
of consultations usually required


or 2 payments of €200

4 Consultation Package

Over 12 weeks

The most common package

Plus Bonus:

Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways (Online course worth €67)


or 2 payments of €250

6 Consultation Package

Ongoing support over 18 weeks


with 6 check in calls (10 mins each)

Plus Bonus: 2 Online courses
Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways

(worth €67) PLUS
Create Healthy Eating Habits, Early (worth €97)


or 4 payments of €250

Additional Information 

  • All consultations are available in –person or online (Zoom)
  • Consultations happen every 3 weeks
  • Consultations last for up to 1 hour
  • Each consultation  is followed by personalised recommendations and step-by-step action plan, sent by email.
  • During consultations often the focus is on one child, but the general principles  can also be applied to other children in the same family
  • Even after the consultations finish, further benefits usually continue to appear.