cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

One-to-One Parenting Support

  • Dr. Colette offers specific advice and support, in a step-by-step way, that is straightforward, practical and achievable; using my psychological training.
  • Dr. Colette provides the understanding, knowledge, skills and confidence to teach children healthy eating habits, regardless of where their starting point is.
  • It is parent led and child-centred (we don’t expect your child to do anything that they aren’t comfortable with, at that time); that is tailored to suit your family. 

Available in–person or online. 

Personalised consultations focus on understanding some of the challenges your family are experiencing and usually last  up to 60 minutes. This includes developing a step-by-step plan, usually with 3-4 actions, emailed to you afterwards. 

Contact Dr. Colette on +353 868347569 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss your one-to-one Parenting Support requirements further.

Feedback for One-to-One Parenting Support

I got great benefit  for my 17 month old in just one session. I had lots of questions around my daughter's intolerance to cows milk and soya.  
Colette was very easy to talk to and she provided lots of clear and helpful info which was very comforting to me, and made me realise that with small changes I could make a big difference. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her for a session. David, Athlone
Thank you Colette, I thought I would have to make huge changes to our diets, and also that it would be complicated. But not so. She suggested straightforward changes that I would never have thought of, but when she suggested them they really clicked with me. I have already booked in a follow up consultation. Deirdre, Galway.'
I have been to see Colette in the past and found her advice amazing, and it definitely gave me the tools  I needed to keep going with giving the kids good, healthy food! Patricia, Galway
I'm a Mum of 4 kids and came to Colette looking for expert help for 2 of my kids. I found Colette's help great and in just 2 sessions I got the help I needed to ensure my kids are eating much better, especially at meal times. S. Kildare 
Based on Colette’s advice I started making small, straightforward changes immediately with my preschooler. I couldn’t believe the way my daughter's diet changed so much.  She is now not only willing to try foods, but eats lots of different foods. She was particularly poor at eating all vegetables before; but now regularly eats a wide variety of vegetables like peas, sweet corn, carrots and even cauliflower and broccoli. I didn’t think this was possible after all the times I presented vegetables before, but with no success.  Kate, Clare. 
We had previously asked others for help to improve our little mans's eating. They simply recommended eliminating snacks between meals and the immediate reduction of milk. We found that this was just not very realistic. Instead, Colette advised a far better, step-by-step approach; that is how to re-introduce foods and create an interest in a wide variety of foods. This of course was a much more successful approach. MG, Dublin.  

 Dr. Colette 

Childs Healthy Eating Coach

BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), Member of Association for Health Promotion Ireland, Member of UK Health Coaches Association, IINH Certified

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