Key supplements to boost your child’s immunity

If you are considering supplements for your child to help support their immunity I recommend the following:  Multivitamin, Vitamin D and Probiotics.

 Think  of  your  child’s  immune  system  like  a  little  army,  poised  to  defend  them  from  bacteria  and  viruses,  particularly  during  the winter.   It is important to make  sure  that  there  are  enough soldiers,  that  are  well  nourished,  that  have  the  right  weapons  and  enough  energy  to  fight  the ‘bad guys’. Reduced  immunity  is  a  factor  in  colds,  flus and  infections  that are recurrent  and  hard  to  shift.

Do you know that many studies have shown that nutrient deficiency is THE most common cause of a lowered immune system?

Generally it is best to take supplements with food (but always follow the particular manufacturer’s instructions). Often people opt for breakfast time and then it’s done for the day. In addition if you can, take supplements in liquid form for better absorption, for example, the fish oil is closest to its original form.

The products I recommend below are very popular (parents repeatedly buy them), as they are kid-friendly and easy to take.  These supplements are available in all good health stores and some pharmacies. Different brands of the same supplement e.g., multivitamin vary widely in terms of quality, purity, potency, absorption etc so that’s why I’m making specific recommendations below: 


Of the 50 currently known essential nutrients, all interact and work together. Therefore a multivitamin is often the best place to start in terms of a supplement if your child needs a top up or is run down. It is also one way to prevent nutrient deficiencies, especially for picky or fussy eaters. Taking a multivitamin can also have many benefits including boosting your child’s energy, mood and concentration levels.

I often recommend Animal Parade for clients whose children have a limited diet or for those who don’t eat fruit and vegetables, while we are working on improving their nutrition. I like this brand as it contains whole-foods like spinach, making it very well absorbed by most kids. The Animal Parade range comes in a variety of forms to suit different ages and different preferences:

  • Baby Plex Liquid Drops in orange flavour (for babies & young children)
  • GOLD Liquid in tropical fruit or berry flavour (4 years plus)
  • GOLD Chewables (animal-shaped) in assorted flavours (2 years plus)
  • Gummies (animal-shaped) in assorted fruit flavours (4 years plus)

2 Vitamin D

This is the second priority supplement I recommend to boost immunity. Researchers  are discovering  that  Vitamin  D  may  be  important  for  many  other  reasons  including mood and brain  development  We cannot rely solely on food to obtain sufficient vitamin D and many kids are low or deficient in Vitamin D. Ideally it is best to get a blood test done before supplementing with Vitamin D, to establish if your child needs a higher dosage than generally recommended.

  Vitamin D products are very similar but these are just two different forms:

  •  Viridikid Vitamin D Drops in orange flavour (6 months plus)
  • BetterYou Dlux Junior Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray in peppermint flavour (3 years plus). Best to give underneath the tongue or on the inside of the cheek.


Do you know:  90%  approx. of  our  entire  immunity  is  based in  and  around  the  gut? Therefore boosting your child’s gut health makes sense to help their immunity. It is also important to have ‘the right balance’ between the  friendly  bacteria and unfavourable  bacteria to help  limit  the  influence  of  unfavourable  bacteria. Probiotics is one way of adding more friendly bacteria. One of the key ways this works is by ‘crowding out’ the unfavourable bacteria so there’s less space for them to exist.  

 Taking probiotics may have other benefits including helping constipation, reducing sugar cravings, aiding the absorption of minerals and may reduce  allergic  responses, especially  in  children. Finally, probiotics have been shown to be beneficial in preventing and treating the symptoms of gastroenteritis (stomach bugs).

  I like many other health professionals including pharmacists, always recommend probiotics as a must if taking antibiotics and for some time after (as the antibiotics also kill good bacteria in our gut). 

  I recommend starting gradually and take the probiotics consistently over a period for at least one month.  It is also important not to heat probiotics like adding to hot porridge.

  There are many great probiotic products available but these are different forms:

  • BIO-KULT Infantis  powder (includes Omega 3 & Vitamin D), for babies to young children
  • Udo’s Choice Children’s blend (capsule, which can be opened), 5 – 15 years old
  • Quest Kidz Biotix Chewable (blackcurrant flavour tablets), from 3 years old or from 1 year crushed.

There are other products in the above brands for different ages as well as other great brands including Optibac. I would recommend that you vary the products if you are giving probitiocs over a number of months, to ensure a greater variety of friendly bacteria.

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