More Vegetables: quick and easy ideas for kids

Who doesn’t want their kids to eat a little more veg? Here are 5 quick and easy ideas for healthy meals including snacks; even for fussy eaters.
 1. Roasting veg brings out the sweetness in veg so why not try something like crunchy parsnip chips? If you’re in a hurry why not try this a seasoning like this roast parsnip seasoning from Marks and Spencer. 
2.   If your kids won’t appreciate the label ‘parsnip chips’, then use a different term like’ crunchy  strips’ . Some kids don’t like a term like chips when they’re not the ‘real thing’ like potato chips. Labels can change our perception even before we see the food.
3. If your kids like crunchy textures like raw carrot, why not try a similar but different veg like raw, peeled sweet potato as below (they taste nothing like raw white potato!). You can serve them like the raw carrot with a dip etc.
4. Vary presentation. We all eat with our eyes. Have your kids ever refused to try something just with one look? Try serving veg together with other foods like fruit (as well as dried fruit), as in this ‘red snack buffet’ from
5. Why not build on favourite foods like pizza? If you’re in a hurry why not use wholemeal pittas as a base and use whatever toppings you like as below.
Sometimes it might take something minor to change your child’s mind about a veg.