cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

What organic foods are best to prioritise

Organic foods have been found to be more nutritious than conventionally grown produce. This is probably due to the lack of chemicals sprayed on the organic produce that might leach/destroy some of the nutrients like antioxidants.

Many of us would argue that they taste better  than their non-organic equivalents.

One of the best children's supplements: Eskimo-3 Kids

This month I'm discussing nutritional advice for children in terms of an essential fats supplement. These essential fats are needed by the body (eg like protein) but cannot be made by the body, and therefore must be consumed (from your diet or supplements). The most important of these essential fats are omega 3s.

Key supplements to boost your child's immunity

In today’s article I’m going to recommend key supplements for your child to help support their immunity. These are a Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Probiotics and Fish oil.
Think  of  your  child’s  immune  system  like  a  little  army,  poised  to  defend  them  from  bacteria  and  viruses,  particularly  during  this  time  of  year.   It's important to make  sure  that  there  are  enough soldiers,  that  are  well  nourished,  that  have  the  right  weapons  and  enough  energy  to  fight  those  enemies. Reduced  immunity  is  a  factor  in  colds,  flu’s and  infections  that are recurrent  and  hard  to  shift.
The above information is general only and does not apply to everyone. If you’re looking for personalised, healthy eating support and advice for your child, why not consider booking a consultation with me? Email me at

Dr. Colette Reynolds
Nutrition Coach & Child's Healthy Eating Specialist
BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), Member of UK Health Coaches Association, Member of AHPI,  IINH Certified
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