Working Together to
Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways


As a Child’s Healthy Eating Coach I find many parents (and caregivers) are unsure how to positively reduce sugar levels, including what to say or do.

Therefore, many would benefit from  specific understanding, knowledge, skills and confidence to help with this huge challenge.

I feel all parents (& caregivers) would benefit from this online course.

This online course can also form part of your dental toolkit to help parents. That’s where we can work together by dental staff simply informing their parents and caregivers of this course.

Dr Colette Reynolds and sugar course

Click here for more details of the course itself.


There is a Dental Affiliate or Referral Program I offer, if you would like to participate (its optional).

How the Dental Affiliate (Referral) Program works

1. Click here to Sign up & Register as a Dental Practitioner

  • Compose your own ID
  • Select ‘Confirm’ on the next screen
  • On the next screen, select the tab ‘Products’ and ‘View’
  • On the next screen, select ‘Set up PayPal’ now
  • Select the tab ‘Products’ and ‘View’

Then copy your personal link provided

such as https://ghe1– (its at the bottom of the screen),

This is your personal link you need to send to all your patients.

You must use this link or the purchase won’t be linked to you.


Once your patient uses this link to buy a course, there is a  referral fee of  €25 (or £22 approx.) per course

(which will be sent to your PayPal account 7 days later).


2. All you need to do is tell your patients about the course.


When you sign up, you will receive:

  • A Promotional  Poster to show to your patients
  • 5 ways to inform your patients about the course (step by step ideas) including:
    • Sample content and accompanying photo
    • for use in: Texts, emails, or to publish on a website, and /or add to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

Dr. Colette Reynolds is an Child’s Healthy Eating Coach since 2017. Through Growing Healthy Eaters, she empowers parents & caregivers to create lifelong healthy eating habits for children, including having a balanced approach to sugar. 

She’s also a mum to 2 boys, based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.


She receives great feedback including the following from Leigh Hunter at Growing Smiles UK:

We all know trying to control sugar intake can be extremely challenging. As dental professionals we are good at advising patients ‘what to do’ e.g. cut down on sweets and sugary drinks; but what Colette offers is ‘HOW to do this’, and she does this in personal, practical and positive ways.

 Colette offers practical tips and processes to promote a lifelong positive relationship with food. Her knowledge and empathy make her our choice for getting help to improve your child’s diet”. 

Please get in contact if you would like free access to the course itself, or if you have any queries and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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