cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

Corporate Talks for Working Parents

Dr. Colette delivers interactive and engaging Healthy Eating Talks to groups of working parents in workplaces and companies.

Corporate Healthy Eating Talks can last for up to 1 hour, are tailored to meet the requirements of your workplace. They include recommendations for nutritious and tasty foods and where to buy them, showcasing healthy products and practical tips and advice to develop healthy eating habits.

The most popular talks topics include:

Top Tips for Healthy Eating including quick changes and swaps to eat a wide variety of tasty foods.

Stress Free Family Meals have top tips for how to achieve stress free family meals.

Preventing fussy eating so your baby and toddler develops a good relationship with healthy food now and in the long-term.

Breakfasts Made Easier with recommendations on healthy cereals to buy and some child-friendly, tried and tested recipes to make ahead.

Variety for Lunch including suggestions for different carbohydrates and proteins as well as ideas for different ways of adding more fruit and vegetables.

Quick Snack Ideas looks at different ways of serving healthy ingredients and recommendations for healthier products to buy.

Contact Dr. Colette on +353 868347569 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your group talks requirements further.

Testimonials for Corporate Talks for Working Parents

Colette from Growing Healthy Eaters gave a very interesting talk to staff on ‘Variety for Lunches’ and provided some great and innovative ideas on ways to entice children to eat a variety of different foods.  Feedback from staff following Colette’s talk was very positive. Galway City Council for their 'Lunch & Learn Series'
The 3 talks provided by Colette for the morning were very interesting and informative. She was an excellent presenter. Part of their Employee Health & Well being activities for the Marine Institute in Galway and Mayo.

 Dr. Colette Reynolds

Nutrition & Childs Healthy Eating Coach

BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), Member of UK Health Coaches Association, IINH Certified

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