Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways

One of the greatest challenges of healthy eating habits is the huge temptation of sugar and sweetness, for all of us including my family, as it can be in such large quantities, all around us.

Using my extensive psychology background; this Positive Parenting online course offers straightforward, practical and achievable strategies to help children have a balanced approach to sugar, regardless of where their starting point is.

Imagine after completion of Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways, you will have developed specific plans for how to talk to your children and what exactly you can say. You will also have developed plans for dealing with everyday challenges such as mindless eating; and how to handle occasions such as buffets in a more balanced way.

Imagine after completion of Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways, you will:

Have a greater understanding of how to create lifelong healthy eating habits including how to talk to your children 

Be more confident dealing with everyday challenges including having a ‘sweet tooth’ and mindless eating. 

Have the skills to grow happy, healthy eaters including how to handle occasions such as parties and Halloween more successfully  

Who Is the Online Course For?

All parents who are interested in creating healthy eating habits 

from expecting parents, to parents of babies, toddlers and children of all ages (as well as their caregivers).

Course Details

  • This master course covers many different challenges ranging from offering ‘treats’ to serving desserts. 
  • It takes a systematic approach by providing you with the specific understanding, knowledge, skills and confidence to help children. 
  • The course is delivered in bite sized pieces, with 16 videos of a few minutes duration each, with each video covering a different topic.
  • It is self-paced with the ability to access the videos in any order, with lifetime access so you can dip into any video at any time in the future, as new challenges arise.

What's Inside Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways?


Introduction to Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways.

Talking about sugar​

Learn about:

● Why it is important to talk with our children about sugar
● A simple, quick way to do this

Sugar awareness

Learn about:

● Being more aware of sugar in everyday foods & drinks
● How to talk with our children about sugar & sweetness

Sweets and treats plan​

Learn about:

● The advantages of having a sweets and treats plan
● What it might look like
● Strategies to help implement it

Mindful eating​

Learn about:

● What mindful eating looks like
● Ways to avoid mindless eating

Portion sizes​

Learn about:

● How to ensure child sized portions
● Th effects of feeling restricted

A ‘Sweet tooth’​

Learn about:

● How a sweet tooth can develop (for any of us)
● How to deal with a sweet tooth

Storing sweets and treats at home​

Learn about:

● Advantages & disadvantages of storing treats at home
● What strategy might be most successful
● How to implement this

Serving dessert after dinner​

Learn about:

● Challenges with serving dessert after dinner
● Strategies for serving dessert and dinner & their advantages

Events such as buffets​

Learn about:

● How to plan ahead for events such as buffets & parties
● What strategies to use; including before, at and after events

Occasions such as Halloween​

Learn about:

● How to talk with our children before these occasions
● What strategies to use
● Ensuring safety


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My 3 Top Tips For Reading Food Labels Quickly

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The sugar levels of 5 of your everyday foods

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