Feed your Mind: Child's Healthy Eating

Fussy eater: Case study of a Mom

This is an example of one Mum with a fussy eater, who I started working with recently. Lets call her Mary and she has 3 kids, aged 10, 8 and 6. What kind of foods do you like to eat? I’m a healthy eater myself and love to eat. Fuelling the body

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Fussy eating Child at restaurant

What does fussy eating really look like?

You may wonder if your child is a fussy eater, whether  their eating is too limited or perhaps not limited enough to seek expert advice. To help answer this, here’s just an example of a typical day’s food and drink for one preschooler, when I first met his mum (courtesy

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eskimo-3 kids one of the vest children's supplement

One of the best children’s supplements

Eskimo-3 One of the best children’s supplements is Eskimo-3, an essential fat supplement. Essential fats These essential fats are needed by the body (eg like Vitamin C) but cannot be made by the body, and therefore must be consumed (from your diet or supplements). The most important of these essential

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