Feed your Mind: Child's Healthy Eating

Crackers and healthy jam

How to manage frequent snacking

Frequent snacking can be a challenge at the best of times but especially  when our children are at home all day during the holidays. What can we do  to help our children if they are looking for snacks often?   A schedule for eating.  Think of what a child’s routine

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Homemade dried apple crisps recipe

How to make Homemade Apple Crisps

This is a simple homemade recipe  that uses apples, a very popular fruit that lots of kids and adults like. The recipe has just 1- 2 ingredients, fresh apples and cinnamon, if you wish to add the cinnamon. The crisps contain no preservatives or sweeteners (unlike some dried fruit we buy) or no long

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Kid-friendly tuna meatball recipe

Kid friendly fish ideas & recipe

Fish is one of the best foods we can eat as a family and for your growing kids.  White fish and shellfish are super proteins, as is oily fish which has the additional benefits of essential fats (Omega 3s).  However it can be challenging to get our kids to eat

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child's Healthy school lunch with raw vegetables

Top tips for school lunches your child will eat

Lunches can be a challenge for many of us parents; as they need to be premade and portable; yet they also need to be tasty and nutritious as well as being easy to eat and eat quickly. Below are my top tips for making school lunches your child will actually eat

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