Safety knives for Children


Available in 6 colours:  green, blue, pink, orange, red and purple.

The Kiddies Food Kutter is a leading safety knife for use by children.

It is designed to protect hands and fingers with rounded teeth and no sharp edges.

It is easy to learn to use, from the age of 2.

It is also suitable for those with gross or fine motor issues such as dyspraxia


  1. It is designed especially to fit small, child-sized hands
  2. Easy to use, but adult supervision is advised
  3. Will cut what a normal knife cuts, except children!
  4. Gives children confidence and independence, using a sawing action to cut their food
  5. Useful for preparing healthy foods such as raw vegetables
  6. Perfect for use at eating time to cut foods such as meat and veggies
  7. Teaches hand eye co-ordination skills
  8. Dishwasher safe


Children can start as young as 2 years of age with playdough or plasticine, and move up to real foods as they gain confidence.

Note: these are shipped from Galway and price includes postage within the Republic of Ireland

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