Sugar and Children’s Dental Health

We are all aware of the effects of lots of sugar (as well as frequent consumption) on our childrens’ dental health


I was looking for a short video that describes these effects simply (that would be age-appropriate for children) but I didn’t find anything really suitable so I decided to create this little video called

Effects of Sugar on Children’s Teeth

This video also highlights what we can do about our children’s sugar intake including a quick way to read food labels for sugar content and why we should avoid eating sugar over a prolonged period 

In my practice, I find many children are consuming large quantities of sugary foods and drinks, often resulting in a ‘sweet tooth’ and limiting their intake of other foods and drinks so they can be very selective, fussy, or picky eaters.

I also find many parents (and caregivers) are unsure how to positively reduce sugar levels, including what to say or do and how to get children on board with this.

Therefore I created this short video course to help, providing some specific understanding, knowledge, skills, and confidence to help with this huge challenge.

The course is called  

"How to Reduce Children’s Sugar in Positive Ways"

These resource has been receiving great feedback including:
“All parents should do this (sugar) course, it’s a subtle game changer”
by Bernie FFrench, Registered Dental Hygienist & Mum

In my practice, I find many children are also frequently snacking. Some children are mainly eating snacks and are more likely to be fussy eaters, eating limited types of foods such as fruit and sweetened yogurt throughout the day.


Therefore I created this short video course to help, providing some specific understanding, knowledge, skills and confidence to help with this challenge. The course is called

The course is called  

"How to Reduce Frequent Snacking"

Growing Healthy Eaters receives great feedback including the following from Leigh Hunter at Growing Smiles UK:

We all know trying to control sugar intake can be extremely challenging. As dental professionals we are good at advising patients ‘what to do’ e.g. cut down on sweets and sugary drinks; but what Colette offers is ‘HOW to do this’, and she does this in personal, practical and positive ways.

 Colette offers practical tips and processes to promote a lifelong positive relationship with food. Her knowledge and empathy make her our choice for getting help to improve your child’s diet”. 


If you are a dental professional and would like to discuss how I may be able to support you to improve your patient outcomes, please get in contact. I can offer you free access to the two above courses 

Dr. Colette Reynolds set up her private practise called Growing Healthy Eaters in  2017.  She empowers people every week with feeding their children, focusing on HOW to feed children. She focuses on creating lifelong healthy eating habits for children, including having a balanced approach to sugar. She’s also a mum to 2 boys, based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

Dr. Colette Reynolds

BA Psychology, MSc Health Psychology, PhD Health Promotion, with further training in Nutrition and Health Coaching, Food Parenting, and Food Refusal and AFRID.

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