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Disclaimer: The website and its services provides information and advice for parents.  It is solely the responsibility as the parent or caregiver to evaluate the value and suitability of this information for the child(ren) in question. Growing Healthy eaters  does not provide, and are not a replacement for, professional medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment, for example by a GP.


Growing Healthy Eaters is here to support you in my role as a Child’s Healthy Eating Coach. I will provide the coaching, advice and support you to help achieve your goals. However progress cannot be guaranteed and  varies depending on one’s background, dedication, desire and motivation


Payment is required upfront and cleared before any access to any online course or personalised consultation.




Our goal is to provide quality service. When you book a consultation, you are keeping a space on the calendar that is no longer available to others. In order to be respectful and fair to others, please cancel as soon as you know you cannot make your consultation.

If you book an online consultation it is your responsibility to have a working internet connection. If the internet connection is not working the consultation can take place over the telephone.

If I, Colette Reynolds, becomes unavailable for a planned consultation, I will contact you with as much notice as possible and you’ll get priority for rescheduling another consultation.

Any arrivals or log-ins later than 10 minutes may be cancelled and may be considered missed sessions. Prior notice is appreciated if you are running late and I will do my best to  accommodate your schedule to rebook another consultation, once the schedule allows.



Online courses, self-study courses or Group Program (Feeding Fussy Eaters)

In accordance with standard practice for online digital sales, all of my online courses, as well as the Group Program (Feeding Fussy Eaters)  are 100% non-refundable. This is a result of the non-returnable nature of digital products. Online programs sold via this website are like software purchases that are not refundable once opened. Once you have been granted access to the product, upon payment, we will take it that it has been “opened”, that is read/viewed/listened to, and/or copied and it cannot be returned and therefore cannot be refunded. Access to your purchase is defined as having been granted as soon as your payment is completed and you have received the access details.



If you have signed up for a number of consultations as part of a Healthy Eating Package and if both you and I feel that there can be no further progress achieved, we are happy to offer a refund for the remaining balance. For example, if you signed up for the 6 Consultation Package and you have completed as much progress as both you and I feel is possible in 4 consultations, we are happy to offer a refund for the remaining balance of 2 consultations.


If you have any questions about the above Terms and Conditions , do not hesitate to contact me at

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