My toddler is now doing great. She actually grabbed my fork one day and she tried my beef steak. She even said  yummy!!
All in all, I am very happy that she is eating good and healthy and she is gaining weight.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the big help. I would definitely recommend you.
Olga, Mum of 2 year old
Thank you Colette, I thought I would have to make huge changes to our diets, and also that it would be complicated. But not so.
Colette suggested straightforward changes that I would never have thought of, but when she suggested them they really clicked with me.
Deirdre, Mum of 5 and 7 year olds
We found it was great to get personalised help for our girl from Colette; as most of the information we read was very general and not very helpful.
We eat well ourselves but that wasn’t enough to help our daughter.
Niall & Partner, parents of 3 year old & expecting baby
While our toddler was growing fine and a happy child we were very concerned about the lack of nutrition she was receiving and conscious that it could cause her problems long term.
Within a short period, her eating had improved. Dinner time isn't so much of a struggle anymore and there's less stress for everyone.
Despite being told repeatedly that it was just a phase and she would grow out of it, I’m so glad that I contacted Colette when I did, rather than leaving it.
Eadaoin, Mum of 22 month old
We are delighted with the success we have had with Colette for our 3 year old, who started as a very fussy eater, generally eating only dry foods, no meat or veg.
He is now eating healthy dinners every day including veg.
We didn’t believe it was possible, but after 1:1 planning with Colette and persistence we are seeing the benefit.
Mairead, Mum of 18 month & 3 year old
I was so stressed with my daughter's eating (or lack of eating) and so many people told me she'd grow out of it but things were not getting better.
I found going to Colette is so much better than reading information or seeing it online as there is so much information out there. Thankfully we got the confidence from Colette to know exactly what to do.
I was certainly relieved I started with Colette and didn't put it off any longer.
Gemma, Mum of 3 year old
I'm a Mum of 4 kids and came to Colette looking for expert help for 2 of my kids.
I found Colette's help great and even in the first 2 sessions I got a lot of the help I needed to ensure my kids are eating much better, especially at meal times.
Brid, Mum of 4
Within a short time, my little man’s eating improved and he is now eating a lot more variety.
Dinner time isn't so much a struggle anymore and there's a lot less stress for everyone.
Before this we felt we had to give him his food before we went anywhere!
I’m so glad that I contacted Colette, rather than leaving it.
Ruth, Mum of 22 month old
I found the consultation very useful and motivating.
I began to understood the changes I needed to make as it was broken down into small, doable steps.
I am very happy with the improvements in my son's eating.
Orna, Mum of 5 & 3 year olds
I’m thrilled with the progress made for my 7 year old son, who was reluctant to try new foods and had a very limited diet.
I had looked for help before and was told what foods to provide but my son wouldn’t even try them.
Colette suggested what I could say and do and I found this really worthwhile.
Now I’m happy to report that he eats lots of new foods including carrots.
I wasn’t sure if this would work but I kept going and I’m so glad I did now.
Declan, Dad of 7 year old
I felt better even after the first session with Colette as food for my 3 year old was “the biggest thing in our house”.
We are always so busy and we were looking for a structured approach, which was exactly what we found with Colette, thankfully.
Mary, Mum of 3 year old
My daughter can get quite upset sometimes when I serve food a bit ‘different’ or new for dinner.
Colette suggested some great, practical ways of preventing this happening like making the dinner less overwhelming and how best to engage her and the best things to say.
These suggestions were all easy to implement so now everyone is much more relaxed at dinner time.
Maggie, Mum of 7 & 9 year olds
We relaxed a lot more about our daughters eating as food isn’t such a big deal anymore, once we saw that she was a lot more confident around different foods and was more comfortable with unfamiliar foods.
Orla, expectant Mum & Mum of 3 year old