Testimonials for Growing Healthy Eaters

I knew my toddler was drinking too much milk but I was unsure what to do about it. He was also eating dinner pouches that were pureed and more suitable for babies. He was often unfortunately sick. I found Colette’s approach very useful from the start, while advice from others was less helpful including cutting out all his snacks completely. I’m glad to say that he has made great progress so far and is now eating a good variety for his meals and snacks. I am still working with Colette on improving dinners and adding more textures, which I’m confident we will achieve.
Mum of 2 and a half year old boy
Even after the first session, my little man’s eating actually improved and he is now eating a lot more variety. Dinner time isn't so much a struggle anymore and there's a lot less stress for everyone. Before this we felt we had to give him food before we went anywhere. Despite being told repeatedly that it was just a phase and my toddler would grow out of fussy eating; I'm so glad that I contacted Colette when I did rather than leaving it
Mum of fussy toddler
I felt I tried everything with our 2 and a half year before meeting Colette such as repeatedly offering the same foods after reading lots. But there was still no significant improvement in my boy’s eating. Working with Colette we made definite progress and he started to enjoy lots more foods; including homemade pizza, which he never ate before.​
Mum of fussy toddler
Very quickly we were making good progress with Colette; as our boy added a good variety of food back into his diet including omelettes and lots of fruits. We were pleasantly surprised as he now eats so many more foods than when we started working with Colette. And this makes me so happy.
Mum of 22 month old
I felt better even after the first session with Colette as food for my 3 year old was “the biggest thing in our house”. We are always so busy and we were looking for a structured approach, which was exactly what we found with Colette, thankfully.
Mum of 3 year old
I was looking for some expert advice for fussy eating as we were having real difficulty around meal times, especially dinner. I contacted Colette after seeking help from another professional who recommended I ‘starve my child into submission and not offer any food until she gave in’. I did try this but found it hugely traumatic and it actually made things worse. I have a very determined girl but she was sick with tonsillitis and a few other things when she was younger and seems very sensitive to certain textures. I felt better after chatting to Colette for the first time and hearing about her structured approach which is very positive. And we also started seeing small improvements quite quickly such as more interest in new foods and less grazing.
Mother of 2 girls, 5 & almost 7 years old
We relaxed a lot more about our daughters eating and food isn’t such a big deal anymore, once we saw that she was a lot more confident around different foods and was more comfortable with new foods.
Mum of 3 year old & Expecting Baby
Dr. Colette was lovely to deal with and gave us so many tips and pointers in 4 sessions. She have given us all the steps we need in getting our boys to eat a better variety of food.
Mum of 4 year old twins
I was so stressed with my 3 year old's eating (or lack of eating). So many people told me she'd grow out of it but things were not getting better. I found going to Colette is so much better than reading information or seeing it online as there is so much information out there. Thankfully we got the confidence from Colette to know exactly what to do. I was certainly relieved I started with Colette and didn't put it off any longer.
Mum of fussy toddler

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