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See below feedback Growing Healthy Eaters has received with empowering parents every week to transform their child(ren)’s eating.

See details, in their own words, of before they came to Growing Healthy Eaters and of the transformation that happened shortly afterwards, ‘And now’

Mum of 2 boys, aged 18 months and 3 years old

Both limited eaters, but she wanted to prioritise the oldest boy’s eating to positively influence the younger boy


And now

Mom of 5 year old girl

And now

After just a few weeks since I signed up for the Fussing Eating Group Program, my 5 year old is now much more open to new foods in the last while,

trying a variety of foods such as rice, hummus, chicken stew and bread dipped in soup.

This is in total contrast to how she was before when these foods and many others were offered to her – “no way” she would have always said and that was that.

Mum of 3 year old and 18 month old


And now

Parents of a 19 month old


And now

Mum of a 13 month old, who’s becoming very fussy


And now

More Growing Healthy Eaters’ Feedback

While our toddler  was growing fine and a happy child

we were very concerned about the lack of nutrition she was receiving and

conscious that it could cause her problems long term.

Within a short period, her eating  had improved.

Despite being told repeatedly that  it was just a  phase and she would grow out of it, I’m so glad that I contacted Colette  when I did.

Eadaoin , Mum of 22 month old

We found it was great to get personalised help for our girl from Colette;

as most of the information we read was very general and not very helpful.

We eat well ourselves but that wasn’t enough to help our daughter.


Niall & partner, parents of 3 year old & expecting baby

I had tried everything with my 4 and a 1/2 year old’s fussy eating and
I was so worried about my girls lack of nutrition that I was “at the end of my tether”.
I contacted Colette as I didn’t want to leave it any longer and
I just didn’t know where to start.
Within a few weeks my little one was more curious about food again and interested in trying lots of foods we eat.


Mum to 4 and a 1/2 year old


Mum of a 20 month old toddler


Mum of 3 year old

We found our diet was much worse (mine and my husband’s) since our girls diet has become so limited.

We don’t want to start cooking two separate dinners so we ended up eating the same as the girls, such as lots of pasta.

The stress of our girls eating has even affected our relationship as we often argue as to what is the best approach to help them.

That’s why we were delighted to start with Colette and start seeing positive changes such as the girls positive attitude to different foods.

Mary, Mum of 5 & 7 year old girls

I felt better, even after the first chat with Colette as food for my 3 year old was “the biggest thing in our house”.
We are always so busy and we were looking for a structured approach,
which was exactly what we found with Colette, thankfully.

Mary, Mum of 3 year old

I didn’t have the best relationship with food in the past myself so I didn’t want food to be a “big issue” for my boy, but mealtimes had definitely become a battle in our house.
My youngest wouldn’t even try foods he previously ate no problem such as my roast dinner,
but I didn’t want to make two separate dinners.
Colette advised me where exactly to start to make it easier to get my boy on board.
And it definitely worked as he was no longer “afraid” of so many foods and found it fun exploring new foods.

Mary, Mom of 7 year old

While my toddler was eating dinner pouches that were pureed and more suitable for babies

and drinking too much milk,

he was also unfortunately often sick.

I found Colette’s approach very useful from the beginning,

while advice from others was less helpful, including cutting out all his snacks completely.

I’m glad to say that he has made great progress so far and is now eating a good variety for his meals and snacks.

I am still working with Colette on improving dinners and adding more textures, which I’m confident we will achieve.


Jane, Mum of 2 and a half year old boy

Mum of 6 year old

We have a toddler that was born premature and has always been very petite.

We served her blended foods as she didn’t like textures such as meat and seemed to  have difficulty with them.

More importantly, she wouldn’t try any new foods even though I’m a chef.

I was so stressed with my daughter’s eating (or lack of eating) and so many people told me she’d grow out of it but things were not getting better. I was certainly relieved I started with Colette and didn’t put it off any longer.

I would recommend that others don’t wait too long but get help.

I found going to Colette is so much better than reading information or seeing it online as there is so much information out there.

Thankfully we got the confidence from Colette to know exactly what to do.

We also have a 11 year old nephew that eats very poorly and we did not want the same outcome for our little girl.


Gemma, Mum of 3 year old 

Here are some other reasons why parents work with Growing Healthy Eaters

We definitely had difficulties with both our kids eating and

while we’ve started to make some changes recently; there was still quite a few hurdles that we don’t know how to approach.

I’m delighted with Colette’s help as it has given me the motivation to make the changes I needed to make to improve my kids’ eating habits.

And it was structured in a way that was not too difficult; in small, doable steps.

Orla, Mum of 5 &7 year olds

Our toddler was sick frequently, was losing weight, was very pale and we were wondering was he getting enough iron.

I did contact someone else for help but they suggested we keep going with what we were doing which was of no help.

We did a lot of searching and found many others who ‘do a bit of this and a bit of that’ and decided to go with Colette due to her specialisation.

Helen, Mum of nearly 2 year old

We contacted Colette as our son was eating very limited foods and he was progressively getting worse.

He wouldn’t touch any sort of fruit or veg or even potatoes; and he would only eat a few familiar foods such as  pasta, cheese and yogurts.

He is very stubborn and would get very upset at mealtimes.

We were very concerned about the lack of nutrition he was receiving and conscious that it could cause him problems in the future.

Dona, Mum of 6 and a half year old

I was concerned about my 4 year old, who was not eating very healthy, with no fruit or vegetables and vert little protein foods such as meat, chicken, fish or eggs .

He has not eaten a dinner since he was a baby.

I was so stressed and fed up making lovely healthy dinners for him.

I have tried shopping with him, letting him choose the food and cooking with me but nothing seems to works.

Annie, Mum of 4year old

Here’s to growing your own happy, healthy eaters 🥦🥕🍓🌽🥣

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