cildren eat healthy galway
cildren eat healthy galway

Healthy Eating, Interactive Group Talks

I deliver Interactive Healthy Eating Talks on-site or online to your group including children (pre and primary school), adults (parents, staff, caregivers and professionals who work with children) in primary schools and workplaces. I also deliver talks in libraries and to community groups including parent and toddler groups, breastfeeding groups and juvenile sports clubs  etc.


Group Talks last for up to 1 hour and include:

  • Recommendations for nutritious and tasty foods and where to buy them,
  • Tried and tested recipes for meals and snack ideas,
  • Showcasing healthy products,
  • Time for questions and answers,
  • Lots of specific advice and practical tips drawing on my experience as a Mom, working as a Nutrition Coach and Child's Healthy Eating Specialist,
  • Homemade samples to taste can also be included, if requested.


Group Topics include:

  • Breakfasts Made Easier including recommending healthy cereals to buy, and some kid-friendly, tried and tested recipes to make ahead.
  • Variety for Lunch including suggestions for different carbohydrates and proteins; as well as ideas for different ways of adding more fruit and vegetables.
  • Quick Snack Ideas including different ways of serving healthy ingredients (e.g. instant pizza and 'breadless sandwiches') and recommendations for healthy products to buy. 
  • Just One Change this looks at how implementing just one change can help: boost immunity, stabilise blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, improve mood, sharpen the mind and help with better concentration and learning.
  • How to Optimise Weaning based on the latest international research findings (2018). This gives a step-by-step guide how best to introduce solids for your baby; to ensure your child likes healthy foods both now and in the long-term. 
  • How best to foster Healthy Eating Habits and prevent Fussy Eating based on the latest recommendations (2018) and using practical tips from my experience working with parents of fussy eaters. 

Children’s Talks

The talks for children are very interactive with the aim of introducing them to and getting them to engage with various healthy foods and products.  Handouts are included  and samples to taste can also be provided, if requested. One example is Superfood Fruits and Veggies with Fun Facts, 'Play the Detective', and the 'Guessing Game' included.


Tailored Group Talks

I can tailor talks to your unique requirements e.g. the importance of hydration and fueling the body with healthy choices for athletes.


If you would like to discuss group talks further, please contact me.

Expert help is available in Galway or Online. 

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Dr. Colette Reynolds
BA (Psych), MSc (Health Psych), PhD (Health Promotion), Member of AHPI, BTEC (Nutrition & Health Coaching), IINH Certified
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