Why parents seek the help of Growing Healthy Eaters

Discover why Lou from Little Lou Cooks approached Growing Healthy Eaters for help

Lou from Little Lou Cooks contacted me to get help with her almost six-year-old boy who is reluctant to try anything new

I get queries from lots of parents of children this age as they feel that their childrens’ fussy eating has continued for a number of years (often since toddlerhood), that’s its not getting better (despite their best efforts), and that its not a phase anymore. 

She feels he's stuck in a rut and only wants to eat the same foods. In the evening, for example, he only eats pasta as a carbohydrate, and he doesn’t like chips or other forms of potatoes.

I hear this from all parents I speak to that their limited eaters only want to eat what I call their ‘favourite foods’. So many Irish parents I talk to are disappointed that their children will not eat potatoes ( a reference to our ancestors perhaps, when potatoes played a more frequent role in daily diets🤣)

Lou, herself and through her business, Little Lou Cooks, is very interested in creating easy family recipes, making lots of food at home, with lots of variety; as well as getting her two kids involved in home cooking. She makes, for example, hidden veg sauces for him to eat with his pasta, and lots of homemade snacks for his lunchbox.

I have helped lots of different parents in the past; including other chefs; as well as GPs, nutritionists, play therapist etc

Lou’s boy has helped lots in the kitchen, has been repeatedly exposed to lots of varied ingredients; as well as lots of different ways of cooking, baking and presenting these foods; but this doesn't seem to be enough.

This is the case with many other parents that are trying lots of things before they approach me; including getting their children involved in shopping, preparing cooking and baking; and some are even helping grow their own food.

Lou is a mom of two young children and runs her own, very successful business called Little Lou Cooks, working with different providers such as Green Earth Organics, continually creating lots of fabulous recipes.

She’s very busy and sometimes like all of us, finds it’s difficult to have the energy, particularly in the evening, to engage our children with new foods. 

Like many other parents and to avoid mealtimes battles she sometimes offers highly preferred foods, such as yoghurt and chai jam.

Similar to many other children I hear about  who don’t enjoy mealtimes especially evening meals, Lou’s son  can end up watching TV while eating dinner sometimes.


Lou told me she doesn’t want this limited eating to continue, for example, until he’s an adult. She feels she needs to tackle this now as a parent.

Lou also has another child that eats everything, so that positive influence is not helping in this case.

This is the exact same as many other parents I help,  who have one limited eater, and other sibling(s) are much better eaters.

Lou is now interested in taking a different approach to helping her son, and is particularly interested in a more psychological approach; because she feels it's not just about exposure to food.

This is exactly why so many parents contact me; to seek the help of a qualified Psychologist, who has been helping fussy eaters for the last 7 years.

Lou’s goal is to add more fruit, vegetables, protein and variety to her son’s diet.

Most parents have the same goal, though some children I help eat lots of fruit (or only in certain ways, such as purees) and some children eat a variety of proteins.

She feels it would be a success if he could try just 2 new foods in the next six months, because he hasn’t tried any new foods in a long time.

While all parents I help want to have a more varied diet for their child, I concentrate on helping children become comfortable  trying new foods first.

This is an essential goal to achieve before they can progress to eating a bigger variety of foods and to eat more like the rest of the family.

She knows there is no quick fix with just a few tips and is committed to working with Growing Healthy Eaters over the next few months.

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